In addition to the 16 beautifully spacious hotel rooms with air conditioning and veranda, Kili Seasons hotel has a swimming pool, a restaurant with open kitchen, an indoor dining room and a terrace with umbrellas, a bar with lounge where you can also have meetings, a pool table and a TV for sports lovers. There is a rest area on the Usa River and the gardens surrounding the hotel give you the opportunity to walk around and enjoy nature. There is a toilet and shower by the pool. There are also games available such as shuffleboard and boules. We can arrange a massage for you at the hotel if you indicate this in advance at the reception or during your booking.

We also organize weekly yoga sessions in the gardens of Kili Seasons Hotel. You can register at the reception or during your booking.

Wifi is available in all buildings.


Our restaurant has an indoor dining room, open kitchen and terrace with umbrellas. The menu will is largely based on Mediterranean cuisine.

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Swimming Pool

The large swimming pool with sun beds and umbrellas will give you the opportunity to relax and recover in the warm sun.

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Several times a week there will be a morning yoga session in the beautiful gardens of Kili Seasons hotel.  

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Kili Seasons is located just outside the city of Arusha in northeastern Tanzania.

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Kili Seasons supports Dinka School in Arusha, Tanzania.