Horse Safari

Take a ride in the bush! Along dusty tracks you'll witness wildebeest & antelopes grazing. You can already indicate this during your reservation. USD 100,- p.p. (excluding transfer fee).

A professional guide will always accompany you, go on an adventure and discover the beautiful surroundings and estate around Kili Seasons Hotel!

Get in touch for additional information.

More activities

We have plenty of activities for you to enjoy near our hotel.

DINKA School

Visit DINKA School

Kili Seasons hotel supports the Dinka school in Arusha, Tanzania- Dutch INitiative Kids Africa!


Visit Local Market / Arusha City

We are happy to arrange a day trip to Arusha city for you, with a tour of local markets!

Mount Meru

Nature Walks

You can enjoy walking in the area nearby. You will be accompanied by a guide.


Attend a Polo Match

Twice a week there is a horse polo match 5 minutes away from Kili Seasons hotel.



You have a chance for a “Once in a lifetime” experience to play golf among the antilopes. Aim your club at the Kilimanjaro.


Safari Options

Go on Safari to the Serengeti, Ngorongoro or one of the other fantastic nature destinations for an unforgettable experience and visit a Maasai village!
Or plan a relaxing time in Zanzibar after your stay at Kili Seasons hotel, climb Mount Kilimanjaro or Mount Meru or experience a walking safari in Arusha National park.


Kili Seasons is located just outside the city of Arusha in northeastern Tanzania.

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Kili Seasons supports Dinka School in Arusha, Tanzania.